Software : A bugs life


You have probably watched or heard about the animation movie ” A bugs life”- Disney-Pixar. So you have an idea what a bug is. You are a software user, right? So do you know about software bugs?

Not so many people understand the real meaning of a software bug.

During the year 1999 the whole world got worried. Everyone wondered what would happen when the date in their computers changed from ’99’ to ’00’ and the after effects of this occurrence.

Computers at the time were designed to decode the year in two figures. So if you were born on January 1st 1960. Your date would be recorded as 01-01-60 which was perfectly normal at that time.

The only issue came in 1999, come first January 2000, you were supposed to turn 40 right ? “Life begins at 40” but then, its a ‘bugs life’ that begins when you turn…

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