Miyamoto Says PlayStation 4 & Xbox One “Easily $100 More If They Came With GamePad”

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Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto says that Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One would easily cost $100 more if they came with a Wii U GamePad style tablet controller. Miyamoto was questioned whether the system would receive a well-needed price cut, to which he responded that when you purchase a Wii U, you get a Wii U GamePad, which bumps up the price. He said that if competitors included them, then their consoles would also be more pricey.

“Unfortunately, I’m not the one who determined the price, so I can’t provide a specific answer on the price of the system. But the one thing that I think everyone needs to understand is that when you’re buying a Wii U, you’re buying a hardware system that comes with a tablet-like device and so if any of the other hardware systems were to try and include a tablet or device similar to…

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