Mario Kart Series Producer Hopes For A New F-Zero Game

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Mario Kart series producer Hideki Konno has revealed that he hopes there will be a new F-Zero game. When asked why Nintendo decided to make Mario Kart 8 instead of a new F-Zero entry, Konno replied by saying the company wants to draw consumers’ attention toward its latest console. “We always have a Mario Kart per console, so we wanted to make a new entry to interest more people further in the new console,” explained Konno. “But I hope that there will be a new F-Zero.”

Mario Kart 8 launches exclusively for Wii U in 2014. While they hope for an announcement of a new F-Zero game for Wii U, fans can get their F-Zero fix by downloading the original F-Zero from the Nintendo eShop. Or they can play Captain Falcon’s Twister Race – a mini-game included in Nintendo Land that’s based on F-Zero.

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