Easy E-Commerce Cart with Smart Cart JQuery


Last month, we started an E-Commerce project to one of my partner. We encountered and solved so many problems for the project. One of the most important element for an Easy to Use E-commerce Web application is an easy shopping cart. The first idea on my mind is to build my own Shopping Cart System. With a near deadline and little experience in the system, honestly we failed.

The next week, we decided to search for some JQuery plugin to solve this problem and the easiest plugin to configure is the smart cart plugin. Here is the page, http://techlaboratory.net/smartcart.

The Smart Cart is uses an array variabel to pass the shopping cart list. We can easily add products list from database and easily inserts some products orders to database.  Easy to use and easy to configure display. The E-Commerce Project front office is lot more interactive with this Smart Cart plugin and our back office report is easy to print with FPDF PHP plugin that we have posted before.

For some technical problems when using the Plugin, please comments here. We will help based on our experience when using the plugin.


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